Sean Colledge
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​Welcome to the homepage of my Chicago violin shop. I am an independent maker of fine violins, violas, and cellos. 

I build instruments with the goal of making the best quality tool for a musician, with the look and feel of Cremona's golden age of violin making. 

My instruments are not made by machine or in an assembly line. They are not produced from the assembling of prefinished parts or from varnishing and labeling imported instruments. They are made by me from start to finish and set up to the highest professional standards. 

​Professionals, teachers, and students praise my instruments for their beauty, quality, and sound. Many musicians who try my instruments notice immediately the value of what they are getting for the price. My instruments can be purchased as a student and used for an entire professional career. 

Chicago is a large marketplace for string musicians to shop for the best instruments. I invite you to contact me and try my work. I ship my violins and violas nationwide for trial. If you are in the city shopping for a violin, viola, or cello, you can visit me in my workshop or I can assist your search by bringing an instrument to where you are staying. 

Fine Handmade Cellos

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Please feel free to contact me by email or phone at any time to learn more about my handmade cellos, violas and violins. 

Sean Colledge
As a musician grows and becomes a serious student, eventually a professional, there will come a time when faced with the need to acquire an instrument that will help them achieve their true potential. With my instruments, the choice does not have to be a risky investment.