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​My instruments are built in my Chicago violin shop with well seasoned spruce and attractive maple and poplar. When searching for wood, I look for pieces that most resemble the instruments that have inspired me. 

Musicians can be assured that fine violins and all other instruments custom made in America, in limited quantity, will appreciate in value.


My violin models are inspired by the work of Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarnieri del Gesù, whose original work and models have been popular with players for centuries. Both makers had an ever changing style throughout their working life, providing a contemporary luthier with many different aesthetic and tonal features to emulate.


I have a 16 3/16 inch viola model that is based on the work of Andrea Guarneri, whose few surviving alto violas have been the instrument of choice for many great and influential violists including William Primrose, Pinchas Zukerman, and Nobuko Imai

About my Fine Violins

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My handmade cello design is based on the King Charles IX by Andrea Amati ca. 1538. Originally a much larger cello, the King is the oldest known surviving cello. 

At 755mm, my cello model is comparable to the popular Stradivari Forma B, though slightly more robust. Its features are modified with influence from the Brothers Amati.

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